hi, I was wondering if you knew anywhere in the GTA that would have aphrodite sweetshrub calycanthus
I have been emailing a few nurseries without success. I saw that you cannot recommend nurseries, but I only want to know if the plant exists in the area
thank you


You’re right, we can’t recommend specific nurseries from which to purchase plants.  Why not try googling “aphrodite sweet shrub calycanthus Toronto” and see what you find?  The plant is hardy enough to survive in Toronto, so it should be available somewhere locally or by mail order.  However, it is now late June, and many nurseries won’t have much plant stock left for this season.  So you may need to plan for this lovely shrub to be in next year’s garden!

Landscape Ontario has a list of nurseries (retail garden centres)  near your area and perhaps you might want to contact some of these experts.  If you call them and they can’t help you, I’d suggest asking if they know of a nursery that may carry the plants, or of someone else you can check with.

Good luck in sourcing the plant!