can baltic ivy die from frost?



We’ve had lots of Baltic ivy in our front yard and it is clinging to a front garden wall.  We face west and are at the end of a street in the Beaches area of Toronto.  The winds can be bitter and the soil is generally sandy.  For at least 8 years the ivy has remained rather green all winter but after this terrible winter, it looks dead – all brown and withered.  There is lots of light and other plants seem to have survived (mugo pine / mulberry tree).

Is it too early to tell if the ivy is going to make it?

Should I trim now?

Thank you.


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I am going to refer you to the answer I just gave to another gardener:

The bottom line is, that it is too early to tell.  Hedera’s leaves suffer the cold and dry air of the winter but are, depending on the circumstances, quite tough.  I would suggest waiting until the weather gets warmer and the buds ‘wake up’ to see what is alive and what is not, before trimming the plants.