Can I plant bulbs in Spring?


Can I plant spring bulbs, such as tulips, in the spring?



We typically plant tulip, narcissus, crocus, hyacinth and other spring flowering bulbs in the autumn months.

However, it would be a shame to waste your bulbs for lack of trying so you have nothing to lose at this point.  Larry Hodgson, one of Canada’s foremost garden experts, recommends that you be on the alert for the first day you can dig down to the recommended depth without encountering frozen earth.  This day may even be in January if the snow above ground acts as an insulator for the earth.  Cover them over properly and replace any snow you moved.  The bulbs may bloom this spring or you may have to wait for next year.

If you do wait until spring, they will not have time to bloom this season but, if they were good bulbs to begin with, they should come up next year.

Please refer to   Planting last-minute bulbs  by Larry Hodgson for additional information.