Can I plant two trees on Toronto City Road Allowance area?


My front yard is about 6mx7m, and property line is at about 2.5m; I want to plant two trees such as European Beech for cross pollination & to have nuts. Is that possible? Maybe to plant three seedlings all together? European beech (Fagus Sylvatica) is approved by Urban Forestry.

Can I plant small tiny seedlings?

Thank you!



I think you wrote in earlier with a question about whether you could plant a single European Beech on the road allowance. I couldn’t find this information on the City website either and I sent an email to to find out. I am waiting for their reply before I post your initial inquiry.

Now you write in about planting 3 trees. The European Beech grows very large – 70′ high by 40′ wide, approximately. Your front yard is not large enough for more than 1 full-sized tree. European beech responds well to clipping and can be used for privacy hedging so you could probably plant 3 trees if you were to do that. I think this pruning might interfere with nut production. Planting tiny seedlings would be fine but I think 1 seedling is the maximum for you. Beech trees are very shallow rooted and could ruin the sidewalk in front of your house if planted too close.