Cats and Dogs


Is there anything natural I can use to deter dogs and cats from messing up my garden?




It’s not easy to break a cat or dogs bad habit. Since you’re not likely to be monitoring your garden 24 hours a day its next to impossible. What you have to do is create a barrier around the area being damaged –  like a low fence or hedge. However, this may not be practical. The following simple ideas may help.  Dogs and especially cats love freshly worked soil. After digging or tilling insert pruned branches from your garden  (holly, berberis, roses etc.) into the soil or just lay the branches on top of the soil. Sharp prickly branches will stop the animals from getting too comfortable in an area and hopefully they will move on.  Even short, thin bamboo stakes pushed into the soil  can deter these animals. It has been suggested that the smell of lemon/orange rind is a deterrent so put around your plants. Dogs don’t like getting wet so you could install a motion activated sprinkler. Good luck.