cedar edge


I live in northern Ontario. My cedar edge turned brown(rusty color) last winter. The upper part is brown. Planted in mostly sun area. They were very nice and healthy. They are about 4 feet high and were planted about 5 years ago. They are planted at the far end of the yard for privacy. I water them 4-5 times a week. Please let me know if they will again be green and what should I do? THANK YOU in advance for your advice.



Note that browning is part of the life cycle of cedars and may not require any treatment.  As well it is not uncommon for cedars to turn brown after a hard winter such as we have had in Ontario for the last couple of years.  Check whether the problems is with random branches, or the whole tree.  If the later, is it a sign that there is damage to  the roots and/or base of the tree.  If not, they are very likely green up again, if well watered during the growing season.  When you water make sure that the ground remains moist but is not sodden (this might be less than the 4-5 times a weeks that you have been doing).  You can also prune the trees, removing the brown sections,  which will minimize the opportunity for diseases to develop and to let  more light into areas which are likely to regrow.   Fertilizing your  cedar hedge with an evergreen fertilizer in the spring/early summer should promote health new growth.

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