Cedar hedge turning brown


We live in the GTA and our 20 year old cedar hedge is turning brown in spots. It gets full afternoon sun on the south side. It has been a hot dry summer but we have never had this issue before.


Thank you for contact the Toronto Master Gardeners.

We receive numerous questions concerning browning cedars and cedar care in general. At this time of year they do lose old needles so some discolouration can be noted.  This summer has been extremely hot and dry. Cedars are suited to wet soil and prefer deep watering so find drought difficult to deal with.

I am attaching two of our previous articles that review cedar care and what steps can be taken to help your cedars. You will find many more articles on our site if you want to do further reading.



Dying and Browning Emerald Cedars

Dying and Browning Emerald Cedars


Good luck.

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