cedar hedges that have been trimmed back


We had a 20 ft cedar hedge that was trimmed back in height a couple of feet and our side of the hedge trimmed back…. but not to just brown…. green layer still there…. but neighbour cut other side harder. We still see some green on our side (north side) but it is a lot thinner and more brown is showing. What can we do to get more green? We are worried that we will loose the hedge. We have a fertilier 29-3-4 and one 21-4-15 … would they work? Someone mentioned ‘Seasoil’? Any tips would be appreciated… I am not a gardener! We live right next to Vancouver, BC. Thanks


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your inquiry.

We receive numerous questions regarding cedars and the pruning of cedars.

One of our earlier posts Fertilizing cedar hedges  gives information on how to properly maintain your cedar hedge. You may also wish to type “cedar” into search box located on the right side of the page to see some of our earlier posts.

You may also wish to contact The Vancouver Master Gardeners  for information on growing cedars in BC.