Cedar tree


Hi, I have an old 30 foot cedar tree that was knocked down by a truck on Thursday. What should be the cost to remove the roots and replant a new 30 foot cedar tree in this exact same spot. We are located in the west end of toronto, highpark.


What a tragic end to an obviously old cedar tree. You obviously loved that tree as you want to replace it. Unfortunately, Master Gardeners are not allowed to recommend individual businesses, products or give advice on pricing. Our role is to help the public with horticultural information and education as it relates to plants. That being said try visiting a local garden centre or nursery for help with selecting a new cedar.  Larger nurseries that specialize in trees can be found in the GTA, if you are prepared to travel a bit. Regarding removal of the roots it sounds like you need the services of a professional. Check out the following website for a useful list of nurseries and landscape companies.