Browning Cedars


20161022_124419I moved into a house in Mississauga during the winter and I have cedars in my backyard which are well over 12 feet tall. They receive sun all day and are in well drained soil. Ever since fall started they have been turning brown. I don’t know to much about them but I’m hoping it’s just needle loss. It’s been a really harsh summer this year and not knowing how to take care of these guys I didn’t water them all summer. I started to in late August. Do you think you guys can help me out with this situation and let me know what I should do? Thank you


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

We receive many questions about cedar care. At this time of year they do lose old needles so some discolouration can be noted. Needles often do not show stress from drought immediately so what you are seeing may also be from this summers drought. Cedars are suited to wet soil so find drought difficult to deal with.

I am attaching two of our previous articles that review cedar care and what steps can be taken to help your cedars. You will find many more articles on our site if you want to do further reading.

Good luck.

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