Cherry Tree


My client has asked me to inquire about a cherry tree they are having to cut down. It has sentimental value to the owner and they are wondering if they could take a cutting of the tree and regrow it and put back in the garden once work is completed. I have checked internet so it does seem doable. Do you know how long the process takes. Are there people that do this for a fee?


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

You are correct that a tree can be propagated from a softwood or semi-hardwood cutting.  Please note that cuttings sometimes do not take root, so it is best to take more than one cutting to increase your chance of success.  We received a similar question on propagating a tree with steps you can read here:

The cutting, if taken in late summer/early fall, may take up to early spring to take root.

In terms of finding someone to do this for a fee, I would recommend contacting a local nursery and/or arborist.  You can find both through Landscape Ontario’s website here:

I wish your client the best of luck in propagating their cherry tree.