Cherry tree


Hi, great website, we planted a cherry tree 3years ago. 1st year we had about 10 fruit, 2nd year none, and this year it has no flower buds as yet. Is there something we should add or change? Thanks.


Dear gardener,

I imagine how frustrating that must be. However, I think you have planted a variety that requires cross-pollination and thus the reason for the lack of flowers and therefore, fruit. The first year you probably had fruit because it had already cross-pollinated with another variety.

There are some self-fruiting varieties of Sweet Cherries in the market that do not require two different variety trees, namely, ‘Compact Stella’, ‘Stella’ or ‘Vandalay’. For Sour Cherries, the variety ‘Montmorency’ also does not require a second tree.

Therefore, if you can remember what variety you bought, all you need is to get a different one and planted this year so you will have flowers and fruits in the future. Here is a list of the most common varieties in case it helps: ‘Bing’, ‘Hedelfingen’, ‘Van’ and ‘Viva’.

If by chance you bought a self-pollinating variety, then you need to see if the tree is getting sufficient sun expousure (6 hours min), that it is located in a well drained area and that it has good fertile soil.

Hope you found this information helpful.