Chigago Hardy Fig tree


I planted a Chicago Hardy Fig plan in June of this year, and it has grown to about 2 1/2 feet high.

It looks like growth stalled a month or so ago, or earlier.

I have been reading conflicting opinions on the web about winterizing. Some say that the Chicago Hardy does not need to be buried in the ground.

Any advice would be helpful. It is in an open area: on two sides there is a wooden fence about 3 feet away. Two sides are unprotected.




Shelter is an important component in overwintering hardy  figs, one site suggests using your house to place the tree in a microclimate. While it is mentioned that figs outdoors do well in a lean soil, they need consistent moisture and appreciate a surface topdressing of organic matter. To overwinter a hardy fig, it sounds like you can bury the tree in the ground, surround it in situ with breathable insulation material, or store it indoors where it is very cool and has very little light while dormant (although it would still require periodic watering). One of the special features of this variety of fig tree (Chicago Hardy) is it’s ability to recover from limb loss, and to produce new branches from the ground that will still produce fruit in one season.

For more information, there is a wonderful book entirely dedicated to growing figs in our climate, written by a local Toronto author, Stephen Biggs.  For more information type:

Also, here are some fig care guide resources, you may find useful:

 Best of luck.