Chinese Beauty Bush


Good morning! I recently moved to Pickering where the soil ends to be rock-hard clay approximately ten to twelve inches under the top-soil. I planted a Chinese Beauty Bush along the west fence where it gets about 6 hours of sun. My problem is whith all the rain we have been having, the bush seems to be be sitiing in a muddy puddle until it VERY gradually seeps away. Can the bush tolerate this or should I move it. I already moved my Pagoda Dogwood which looked very stressed. The CBB seems to be happy enough right now


Few plants – except those adapted to a wet habitat – can tolerate water-logged soil, which can suffocate roots. Chinese beauty bush (Kolkwitzia amabilis) does appreciate adequate moisture and can tolerate drought. However, over the long term, it won’t be happy with completely wet feet and would likely do better in a well-drained spot, if available in your garden. It will also flower more profusely, and better live up to its name, if grown in a full-sun position.


Best of luck with your beauty bush. A well-grown Kolkwitzia can be a show-stopper.