Cladrastis kentukea


I am looking for cladrastis kentukea in 50mm caliper.
How much is the cost?
When can it be planted?


Cladrastis kentukea, commonly called Kentucky yellowwood, American yellowwood or Virgilia, is a rare deciduous tree which is native to the south eastern United States, mainly small areas of Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina.  Outside of it’s native range, it is grown for its yellow heartwood which is highly prized for use in specialist furniture making, decorative wood turning and gunstocks.

My research shows it is hardy to US Zone 4 which means it can withstand low temperatures between -28.9 degrees C and -34.4 degrees C.  If planted in full sun it can grow to reach 35-50 feet in height.  It likes moist but well drained soil but is not fussy about pH as it tolerates both acidic and alkaline conditions.  It is a good urban tree that attracts birds and other wildlife.  Ideally, this tree should be planted in either early fall or early spring, but not during the hot summer months which may cause stress.

As you do not say where you are located, I suggest you contact your closest tree nursery to see if they can get one for you.  If they can’t, they may be able to direct you to a nursery specializing in exotic or rarer trees.  If this fails, I would suggest contacting Landscape Ontario as they may be able to direct you further, see link below.

As far as how expensive this tree would be, Master Gardeners can give no advice on how much a tree, shrub, perennial or annual may cost in the marketplace – the supplier/nursery would be your best source for this information.

Hope this helps.