hi there, i have tried growing several types of clamatus and found most of them to be small flowers , light colors and not flowering often. Can you please recommend a few clamatus that have large flowers that are bold colours (stunning) and flower profusely several times in the year. thanks so much.


Clematis do not bloom several times a year. This is typical of perennial flowering plants. However, there are both small- and large-flowered varieties. And they vary in their flowering time, from early spring to late fall. Thus, if you plant several, you can achieve the full season floral display you seek.

The Clematis International society has an extremely comprehensive list of varieties, which you can search by early- and late-flowered large varieties.

Have a look through their lists, and then check Ontario nurseries to see which of your preferred varieties they have, Note that at this time of year (July), many nurseries are short on stock, so you may need to plan for planting this fall or next spring.

Here’s where to find the lists:

Enjoy planning your clematis collection!


July 2, 2021