I was planing to buy and plant Clematis this year but now with everything is closed I can not do that. I wonder if you can sell me some or give away if you have and do not want. If I can not find it these days then I will have to wait for another year or more. Thank you so much.



Thanks for your question. Master Gardeners don’t have plants for sale or donation, but you should still be able to buy your clematis plant this year. The larger nurseries are open and you can place your order on the phone and then they will bring it out to the curb for you. Some places also have free delivery at this time. You would have to check with individual nurseries as to what their corona virus protocol is. Stores such as Home Depot and Lowes are open and they will have plants for sale as well. It is too early in the season for clematis to be available I think. Good luck with your purchase.