clematis sprouts from bag open


Hi, Master,
I bought some Clematis from local grocery store. When I opened bags, all of them have white sprouts already, length from 10cms to 25cms. Will these sprouts turn to heath stems? If not, should I remove them from the root crown and hope new sprouts will come out? I would plan to plant them in pot before last frost. Thanks your help.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners regarding your sprouting clematis roots. Your plan to pot them will give your plants the opportunity to gain strength before planting them in the garden. Ensure that they are potted in a well- draining mix. Avoid removing the sprouts. These will green up when they are exposed to light.  Add a stake to the pot to support the growing vines with ties. The best time to plant these in the garden is in early spring or fall. Since your plants will be growing indoors until the last frost date of your area, they will need to be “hardened off” outdoors to prevent burning the new leaves in the sun. As your plants are young, it is suggested that they remain in the pots outdoors during the spring and summer and then plant them in the garden in the fall. Ensure that the plants receive adequate watering throughout the season.

For more information, please refer to the following comprehensive source for clematis potting, planting and care:

How to Grow Clematis

Wishing you all the best in growing these beautiful clematis vines