Clerodendrum thomsoniae


Clerodendrum thomsoniae (bleeding heart vine) is not blooming. Should I bring it indoors?



The Clerodendrum thomsoniae  is a vigorous growing twining vine with striking flowers. It is a tropical plant which must be taken indoors when temperatures fall below 50F (10C). It can grow up to 10 feet high but should be kept at around 3 to 4 feet by pinching back the stem tops during the growing season of spring , summer and early fall. The stems themselves can be trained around three or four thin stakes stuck into the potting mixture. It will not flower unless given adequately humid warmth during growth period. Mist -spraying everyday will help provide extra humidity. It should be given a winter rest in a cool position-ideally about 50 -55F (10-13C). During rest period water only enough to keep soil from drying out. During growth period water plentifully to keep potting mixture moist but never allow pot to stand in water. Give actively growing plant standard liquid fertilizer every two weeks. The plant can be put outdoors in the summer in indirect filtered light location where the temperature doesn’t go below 60F (15.5C).

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