Climbing Surfaces for Climbing Hydrangea


Hello There,
I would like to know if a climbing Hydrangea would be able to grow up a wire mesh or chain-link fence for example. I am aware that they are root climbers that usually adhere to wood or masonry walls but I am hoping that they will be able to grow up a metal mesh or chain-link fence – is this possible?


A climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala petiolaris) is a vigorous, sprawling, deciduous, woody vine that clings by aerial rootlets along it’s stems and climbs by twining, once it becomes established. It can typically grow to 30-40 feet. You are correct that vines with aerial rootlets are known to cling to surfaces such as walls, trees, fences, trellises and the like.  Nothing in the literature suggests a climbing hydrangea would not climb along a chain link fence, so give it a try, especially if you are thinking of hiding the fence.  The most important thing to consider is that the vine requires sturdy support, so the fence should be solid. Most likely the stems will weave or wrap  their way along the fence and even attach to the posts. Be pretty certain you want the plant there permanently because it is a real make work project to remove it.  I know from a similar experience with Boston Ivy along a chain link fence!