Clover in lawn


I have a patch of clover in my lawn and I want to know how to get rid of it before it takes over?



Clover are mostly perennial species of plants that spread by seed and stolons.

The best way of controlling the patch in your lawn is to pull it out, trying to get as many roots as possible.  It is not a deep rooted plant with a taproot like a dandelion but roots remaining in the soil may try to regrow.  After pulling/digging all of the patch, it would be wise to overseed the area with grass seed.  First spread some fresh topsoil over the area before sewing the seed and then water well.  You can do this process now and then repeat the pulling and overseeding again in the fall if you find that the clover is still there and the grass hasn’t filled in to take its place.

I would also suggest an application of corn gluten in the spring in order to prevent any clover seeds from germinating.  Be aware that corn gluten will also stop grass seed from germinating so any overseeding of grass next year needs to be done 60 days after a corn gluten application.