Cold Protection for New Plants


Location: I live near Scarborough Town Center.
Question: I purchased some vegetable (Egg plant, bell peppers, sweet peppers, bitter gourd, tomatoes) and flower plants (Dahlias, Peony) and planted outside 3 at the beginning of May since the weather was nice. I heard the temprature will be cold on the week end. ( 1 degree and frost over night).

Do I need to dig them from ground, plant them in pots take them inside the house since the small plants might die?



Planting tender annuals in Toronto on May 3 is always a little risky.  The average last spring frost in Toronto is April 25 which means there is still a 50% chance of frost on that date.  The risk of frost drops to 25% after 7 days and to 10% after 14 days.  To manage the risk, keep an eye on the weather as you’ve been doing and when frost is forecast, cover them with something light such as an old sheet (secure with rocks or stakes) overnight.  Ensure the covering is removed promptly in the morning.

More information on protecting plants from frost can be found at:

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