Colourfull bushes


Hello, I am sharing a patch of grass with my neighbour in between or houses which gets only the afternoon sun. We would like to plant three colourful bushes or plant with little maintenance as possible. I would like to know which plants would be good for this area.

Also I need to plant another one with total shaded area .
Thank you very much.


Sharing the space between two houses is a fantastic way to increase your landscaping options.  There are many interesting shrubs you could consider that will do well in the partially shaded space you describe.

Here are a few suggestions that offer the colourful display you are after:  the Oakleaf Hydrangea  (Hydrangea quercifolia species) boasts white blooms in spring which change to a deep purple-pink in late summer, and in the fall its foliage turns stunning  shades of red, orange and brown.  Even if it does not bloom profusely, its foliage and distinctive oak-shaped leaves make it an attractive choice.  The Alleghany Serviceberry, Amelanchier laevis, usually a multi-stemmed shrub, has lovely white blossoms in spring, deep purple berries and gorgeous orange fall colours.  Both these shrubs will tolerate partial shade, as will Viburnums and Hydrangeas (Hydrangea paniculata).

If you are considering any evergreens for contrast, many Yew species (Taxus) tolerate partial to heavy shade, as does the False Cypress (for example,  Chamaecyparis obtuse ‘Nana Lutea’).

For a shrub that tolerates heavy shade and also provides a jolt of colour all year long, you might like the Japanese Kerria (Kerria Japonica) with its bright green stems and yellow spring blooms, followed by bright green leaves throughout the summer that last into the fall.

This website gives a good list of shrubs that tolerate shade:  You have plenty of exciting options for your shared landscaping plans!