Common Name/Scientific Name


Please advise me what is the name of the plant noted in this picture. When to plant this bulb.



I believe this is a photo of the same plant that you sent to us earlier – a Solomon’s seal.  See our response to you, Solomons Seal — which provides helpful information on this plant.  You can purchase small plants at your local nursery, and the best time to plant them is in the spring or fall.  Plant them 2.5-5 cm (1-2 inches) deep and around 7.5 cm (3 inches) apart.

Solomon’s seal likes a woodland environment – it likes full shade, and  rich soil (enrich it with leaf compost) and grows in relatively dry conditions (not too much moisture).

Here is an article from Penn State Extension, Solomon’s Seal – 2013 perennial plant of the year, which includes helpful information about the plant. And Cornell University’s Growing Guide: Solomon’s Seal, Great.