Compostable containers


Good morning. I was wondering if you know of any local places/nurseries that sell annuals or perennials in compostable containers. Thanks



Thanks for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.  We are unable to recommend specific businesses; however, if you search on line you will find that there are a few nurseries that sell hanging baskets and annuals in biodegradable pots.  Unfortunately most plants are still sold in plastic pots. Buying plants in plastic containers is a concern because the effects on the environment. They cannot be placed in home recycling bins.  If this is your concern there are two options for you:  As it is relatively easy to buy compostable pots you could start growing plants from seed.  The other option is to buy plants in plastic pots and recycle them.  If you search on line you will find hardware chains that are willing to take back plastic pots, plant labels and plastic trays.  Generally they accept plastic purchased at other stores.

Hope this helps.