Controlling common mallow in the lawn


How can I get rid of this weed when the sprays I used to use aren’t allowed?


Here in Ontario where we are gardening under a province wide pesticide ban. This ban, besides being very good for the Earth, has taught us a whole new way to deal with the weeds in our garden. The direct answer to your question is if you’ve already used RoundUp correctly, you have killed the entire plant including the roots. But, weeds are pernicious and almost impossible to eradicate totally. Your strongest weapon against new weeds, or old weeds popping up, is simply to maintain a healthy lawn. Healthy grass is very effective at shutting out any attempt by weeds to take hold. Resodding is a wonderful, and easy way to start all over again with the perfect lawn.Do make sure and prepare the area so the roots of the new sod can easily take anchor. Using a garden rake, one of those soil turner tools, or even a shovel, loosen up the top few inches of soil. I would mix in some compost, or topsoil to entice and welcome the grass roots to anchor into the new area

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