Could you identify this tree?


Good evening! I have recently obtained a long stave of wood to create bows out of, and I do not know what species of tree it is from. I was wondering if any one could identify this tree, it is a 10-15 yr old tree. I will attach a picture.

Thank you.image


Interestingly, several types of Viburnum are known as Arrowwood, because the long straight shoots were used by First Nations people to make arrows. It is possible that your stave comes from a Viburnum but the leaves and berries in the photo seem to resemble those of another native,  Cornus alternifolia, also known as Pagoda Dogwood, Green Osier or Blue Dogwood, also described as a good source of wood for archers. Here is a link to a description, with photos on the Ontario Trees & Shrubs web site.