Creeping Charlie and Violets


I live in Scarborough, Ontario – clay soil. Due to unprecedented rainfall this spring, there has been an unwelcome massive intrusion of the above weeds in my backyard. Please let me know how I can eradicate these as they are quite unsightly. Many thanks,


Thank you for reaching out to Toronto Master Gardeners with your question.

Eliminating creeping charlie and violets can be tedious and involves the the basics of good lawn care. The Toronto Master Gardeners receive a number of questions concerning the eradication of these pesky weeds from lawns.

The link entitled Creeping charlie provides lots of useful information on how to deal with this weed. You can also type “creeping charlie” in the search bar which you will find on the right hand side to view a number of other posts on this topic.

Below are two links which you may find helpful, the first, an article which appeared in the London Free Press in 2013. I am also including a link to the pesticides which are banned in Ontario.

Good luck with your lawn.