creeping charlie problem


I have been reading up on organic ways to remove this weed. I noticed its saying lime. Crashed lime stone? Or A different type? Also was wondering how well the newspaper works? Can I put it on soil and resod over after all creeping charlie is gone?


Thank  you for bringing your garden concern to Toronto Master Gardeners.

The lime you refer to may be liquid potash which would change the pH of the soil and make it hostile to the plant.  You can try the newspaper layers if you are all right with raising the soil level significantly. However, you need to be absolutely sure you have eliminated the unwanted plants before adding more soil layers.

Creeping Charlie grows by rhizomes, creeping on the surface and having nodes where shoots and roots allow for the plant to expand. The best way of eliminating it is by actually digging it from the surface as much as you can.  Many people have had success with removing Creeping Charlie from grass by simply hoeing along the surface of the lawn after a rain.  Remember to overseed after removing any weeds, so you control what uses up the available space.

Many people have questions about removing Creeping Charlie, so I suggest that you have a look at the following Q & A link on our website for more suggestions:

Good luck!