Creeping phlox


Is it possible to buy seeds to start creeping phlox? If I bought a plant, how far apart should each plant be? They would be in a sunny area most of the day. Very difficult to find a place to buy seeds. I am in zone 5. They would be in regular garden soil with sheep manure. Thank you.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners

Yes, it is possible to grow phlox from seed. Ideally the seeds should be started 8 weeks before the last frost date, which for Toronto is May 9. Seeds should be sown 1/8’’ deep in soiless mix and kept evenly moist. Seedling will emerge anywhere from 11-21 days after sowing.

Toronto Master Gardeners give gardening advice but do not provide recommendations for specific nurseries. Doing a quick goggle search I was able to find a number of seed companies which carried creeping phlox.

Creeping phlox ( Phlox subulata) prefers to be grown in full sun with well-drained soil. The addition of sheep manure will improve the overall quality and texture of the soil   and create a better overall environment for your plants. 9Ideally, phlox should be  should be planted 2′ apart.  After a number of years they plants will begin to grow together and form a giant carpet of phlox.


This website gives additional information on the care of this beautiful spring perennial.