cross breeding outdoor flowers


I am looking for a recommended book on cross breeding outdoor flowers for my teenage son. What would you recommend and do you have any idea where might I find the book (eg Bookstore, Online)?
Thanks so much


Lots of things come into play when determining age appropriate books in the field of botany. Since it’s such a specialized subject it depends on what has been published.  I presume you are trying to supplement the class text book. The Toronto Botanical Garden has a horticultural library. The following titles can be found in the Library at 777, Lawrence Ave. E. (at Leslie). You can ask to see these titles and decide for yourself if they are suitable. In order to borrow you need to be a member of the Toronto Botanical Library ($45 per year). You could also search the Toronto Public Library catalog ( for the topic “plant breeding”. Borrowing books also requires being a member but its free to residents of Toronto. Both these Libraries allow you to browse without membership. Then again you can try any bookstore or online bookseller for the topic, bearing in mind it is rather specialized.  Try find any title you have actually seen in the two libraries to purchase.  I should  also point out that the Toronto Public Library has a service where you can search for magazine and journal articles on any given topic . This can be done at home via a computer. Hope this helps

Plant breeding for the home gardener: how to create unique vegetables & flowers by Tychonievich, Joseph.

Publisher: Portland: Timber Press, 2013

Breeding ornamental plants by Callaway, Dorothy J., ed

Publisher: Portland, OR : Timber Press, c2000