Where can I buy good quality dahlia tubers close to Toronto. Are there nurseries that you could recommend? I plan to start them indoors, and wondering when would be a good time to start them.
Thank you


Dear Gardener,

In answer to your inquiry regarding where to buy dahlias: Toronto Master Gardeners (TMG) cannot make retail recommendations — nonetheless, the options of buying late winter/early spring at stores in the Toronto region could be minimal. But you will likely encounter a plethora of early buying options by mail, from reputable seed houses, or online from numerous quality supplier sites. In the meantime, TMG can help you with advice re growing your dahlias, once you’ve made your selections and purchases.

Please read this advice, previously written by our TMG team, on the culture of  Dahlias.

Regarding your question re starting indoors, near the bottom of the article you will see the comment: “You could also get a head start by planting your dahlias indoors right now and moving them outdoors mid-May assuming you can provide a sunny indoor location or sufficient artificial light.” By this, we advise enough light (6-8 hours each day)  be provided to ensure healthy roots, sturdy stalks,  and robust, dense growth, so that in  4 – 6 week’s time they can be set safely outdoors in the garden, or containers. This timing is, of course, predicated by the soil and air temperatures of any given growing season!