Damaged trees



There is a home being built beside my home and the builder “trimmed” 5 cedar trees on my property, my home is located in Richmond hill Ontario.
One day I came home and saw that now I have half trees, these are 30 plus foot cedar trees.
My question is that have the trees been harmed? Will they die?
The trees are 5 feet away from the property line however the builder decided to cut back all the way to the trunk of the tree. Also they have excavated within 4 feet of the trees leaving the cut roots exposed for about a month now.

Thank you


Your description of what your 30 foot mature cedar trees have endured so far is certainly cause for concern! Cutting one side back to the trunk could leave that side bare and dying if there is no green growth left on that side. Also the root growth on that side of the trees has been compromised. These valuable trees are likely to suffer from this harsh trauma. I would suggest that you take pictures and consult an arborist to give you a professional assessment.

Good luck