Dark purple and Blue lilacs


I am looking to purchase dark shades of lilacs. Am looking in the Nurseries in Toronto but they are so difficult to find. Any suggestions? Also can I grow from cuttings?


When you want a plant or shrub that is somewhat rarer, then the big city garden centres are not going to carry them as generally speaking they cater to the masses. The Royal Botanical Garden (RBG) in Hamilton is a good place to start. RBG’s lilac collection is one of the most diverse collections to be found anywhere in the world. If you visit in May/June  you can check out the names of those plants whose colours you are interested in.  Unfortunately, you are too late for this year. With that information in hand try nurseries in and around the Hamilton Area. Do a search on the Internet for “garden nurseries Hamilton Ontario” for names.  The RBG also has a plant sale in early spring which might be worth investigating next year!

Propagating new plants from cuttings is possible if you feel like a challenge. Take cuttings in late summer or fall. The cutting should consist of two or three nodes and should be removed from the main plant using a sharp knife or clippers. Make a clean, diagonal cut just above a node (where the leaves sprout out) so as to expose a larger area where the rooting will take place. Rooting hormone can be used to enhance the process.  Keep moist until roots develop.

The following website provides some valuable information on lilacs. Hope it helps.