Day lilies that won’t bloom


I have 7 Gentle Shepherd daylilies that bloomed for the first two years but last year and this year I have leaves and no sign of blooms. They are in full sun with the water they need. Any advice?
I also have another variety similar to Stella D’oro that have always bloomed but I’m haviang the same problem as above.
Is it the last two cold winters?
Do I give up on them and dig them out? I did fertilize them.
Is the first variety delicate? Thanks.



I looked online for information about your daylily and saw some lovely pictures; I was not familiar with this plant.

I have not found a definitive answer but have lots of ideas of what could be the problem and how to go forward with hope of flowers for next year.

Daylilies like to be divided about every 4 years so this might be a good place to start.  Don’t allow them to go to seed as this will decrease the number of flowers in subsequent years.  As you mentioned another reason could be the extremely cold winters we have had for the past two years and as it is also affecting the smaller lily, this makes sense.  Fertilizing: do you fertilize your lawn and are the daylilies near the lawn? It could be they are getting a double dose of fertilizer and they have lovely green leaves but at the expense of the flowers.  In that case I would not fertilize them and avoid fertilizing the lawn in the area near the daylilies.  Perhaps consider using compost or manure as your main fertilizer in future.  If you mulch your plants it could be affecting the depth they should be planted at: the crown should not be deeper than about 2.5cm.  Dig around the crown gently to check the level of the crown.  While you are digging around you can check the health of the crown to make sure you don’t have any rot happening.

This does seem long winded but as I said there are lots of things to consider.  Good luck and I hope you get flowers again.