Day lilies without any sign of blooms


I live in Thornhill and have a large bed of Gentle Shepherd daylillies in full sun that are huge but without a sign of a bloom. I also have some in my back yard also in sun but the Stella Doro variety with the same problem. Any idea why? They were wonderful the last two years.


Patience is a virtue in gardening, as you probably well know. And that is especially true this year, since we had a long and bitter winter. Estimates are that some plants are as many as 6 weeks off schedule as a result. For example, many Rose of Sharon trees are just leafing out now and in fact, many daylilies are not yet blooming.

I would not be concerned until about the middle of July. I suspect your daylilies will be budding by then. If not, please contact us again.

However, you do mention that the beds are full of huge plants. If they do fail to bloom this year at all, it may be that they are overcrowded and competing with each other for nutrients. In that case, next spring, you will want to dig them up and divide them. Space them out in the existing beds and create a new bed for the extra divisions or share with your friends!