Dead grass


Every spring my front and back lawn starts to grow beautifully however come June the colour changes to a deep green and eventually to brown. This year has been the worst. Both of my lawns now look like straw. I have no idea what it is. Both my neighbours lawns look good. Any suggestions. Thank you.


Before you feel too badly about your lawn, take a walk around your neighbourhood. And look closely again at your neighbours’ lawns. Are there trees or hedges offering partial shade? Can you see built in sprinkler systems? Have you noticed garden work like fertilizer being spread? And do you notice more lawns looking brown than green this year? You are not alone.

This has been one of the most difficult seasons to maintain green as predominant in lawns. But since you are aware that generally you have a browning problem, you will want to learn more about lawn care throughout the year. The City of Toronto offers some direction: search for “Water Efficient Landscaping” on the use of water, trees, aerating, mowing, etc. Also look at reseeding, overseeding, and autumn fertilizing from other sources to learn “How to..”

If you water wisely, say once a week for 2 hours total, the grass roots will grow down to a deeper level. If you mow and keep 3″ height on your lawn, you will protect the root area and suppress weeds. Try using perennial rye and fescue grass seeds in the fall. These tips and many more are available at the Government of Canada’s site.