Deep Carmine Baby’s Breath


What is the level of difficulty growing Deep Carmine Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila elegans) from seed?  Zone 6b



Species Gypsophila elegans seeds are easy one-step germinators and the link below recommends sowing in the ground in cool spring or autumn temperatures. We have not been able to find specific germination information for the cultivar ‘Deep Carmine’ nor have we been able to find a seed supplier carrying this lovely variety.

Perhaps your supplier of the seed will be able to provide instruction on successful germination. You might wish to try the baggie method to determine the ease of germination. Place a few seeds in a piece of paper towel and fold over the sides so that the seeds are completely covered. Spray with water to dampen the towel, place it in a plastic ziplock bag and leave it at room temperature. Most annual seeds will sprout in three to ten days. To check for germination, hold the bag up to the light and if germination has taken place there will be a change in the seed shape. The germinated seeds may then be potted up, or if the soil temperature has warmed sufficiently, planted outdoors.