DIY self-watering vertical grow tower and composting.



This spring I will be working on a few container gardening projects. One of them is creating a vertical grow tower that is self-watering for my herbs. Sort of like in this video

However I wonder if its possible to create a planter that is both self-watering and composts food scraps. I have never seen the two combined. It seems to be one or other. I really like the concept of this grow tower that is also a compost:

Have you heard of any planter that is both self-watering and composting?

Thank you so much for any help you are able to provide.


After an exhaustive search, we are unable to discover a garden tower that does both composting and self-watering.  Since both of these garden tower types are available and appear to be similar in construction, it doesn’t appear too much of a stretch to combine the two processes into one product.  Have you thought of approaching one of the manufacturers of these devices and challenging them to create such a product?  It may already exist but it may also be something they could be interested in developing.