Do White Cedars change colour in fall?


We had white cedars planted as a privacy hedge in April and they have been so so well! Last week however, I noticed some trees were starting to turn yellow. The leaves are soft and moist but the color changed! Do white cedars change color in the fall? If they do what can I expect in terms of shedding and regrowth? If not, what could be the issue? They receive adequate moisture and have been doing very well to this point. Thank you!


Excellent care of your white cedars has rewarded you so far with apparent good health. Colour changes are usually an indication that something is wrong. If yellowing is the only issue you have observed, shake the areas where this occurs to knock the discoloured leaves off.  Make sure you continue your diligence right up until frost, as cedars are very thirsty evergreens, especially in the first few years.

One cause for yellowing could be stress: since this is the first season of growth in your garden, the cedars may not have adjusted well, in spite of your care. If the root ball was not spread out, or there are air spaces in the root system, the plant may not have settled well. Our regional fluctuating weather patterns this past growing season may be factors, as well. High temperatures and periods of humidity, followed by drought, can be very stressful.

If the condition changes in the next week or so, you may have more serious problems that could include pests or disease.

If you notice any other changes, please contact Toronto Master Gardeners again with details.