dog waste on flower beds


Hello Master Gardeners,

Our household has a bone of contention in the yard. My husband has shoveled the solid waste made by our two dogs and placed it upon the soil in our flower bed. When I caught him in the act, I gave an emphatic, “No!”
He doesn’t think there is anything wrong with the practice of putting solid dog waste on top of the soil in our flower bed, but I differ on this. Aside from being told never to put carnivore solid waste on flowerbeds and in vegetable gardens because it’s disgusting, I really haven’t got a good reason.
Am I dissuading my husband from an otherwise benign practice?
Thanks for your expertise.


Thanks for your inquiry.  Putting solid dog waste, or any animal waste, is not a good practise.  Many people think of all animal waste as one and the same and if you can put cow or sheep manure on your flower beds why not dog waste?

Left alone, dog waste can pollute ground and surface water, attract flies and pests, cause an unpleasant odor, and create unsanitary living conditions for dogs.

Dog waste can also transmit parasites and infectious diseases.

Most animal compost is waste from herbivores; the manure goes through a long process where high temperatures over a certain period of time kill any parasites and or pathogens.

If you decide to compost your dog waste, attached is a link to the United States department of Agriculture, which will provide details as to how to do this

If you wish to safely depose of the dog waste there is a post on our website that will provide you with details.  In the search bar indicate dog poop and that should get you to the article.

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