Dogwood Twigs


I always use red dogwood twigs in my winter urns arrangement. In Dec I bought these from the TBG Open House. These twigs are now green at base and appear to be growing. I usually discard or use the twigs for vines in the garden. However I wonder if I can plant these twigs in the garden to grow??? How do I know what type they are?..this is the first time that these red twigs have greened up for me.


Thanks for your inquiry.  Isn’t it wonderful when you get an unexpected gift!   The twig is likely a Cornus sericea ‘Cardinal’; common name Red Twig Dogwood.  A common and popular propagation method is from hardwood cuttings so it is very likely that you may be able to plant this twig in your garden. When doing so, ensure that you use a rich compost medium or triple mix and do not let it dry until you can make sure that the shrub has set proper roots in the new environment.

Please take a look at instructions found in the following information sheet from the University of North Carolina State University on hardwood cuttings:

I have also attached information about the Dogwood from the Missouri Botanical Gardens:

Good Luck