Dracaena fragrans (corn stalk dracaena) yellowing leaves


The lower leaves of Dracaena fragrans have become yellow and died. Plant has west exposure.  What may be the problem? Will the plant regrow? When should it be repotted? What can be done to promote growth?




Dracaena fragrans (corn plant) does tend to shed its lower leaves after a year or two. It is not unusual for these leaves to die off at this time of the year with decreased light levels; with the lower light levels, the plant will not be actively growing and fewer leaves allow the plant to regulate its energy better. Simply remove the yellow/dead leaves from the plant.

Yellowing leaves may also indicate that the plant is being overwatered.  During the fall/winter months, water moderately: enough to make the soil moist, but allow the top inch or so to dry out between waterings.

If you feel that it needs to be repotted into a slightly larger pot, it would be best to wait until the spring (active growth period) to do so. If the plant has been overwatered and the root is starting to rot, you may want to repot it sooner.