Mushroom unknown


I found a mushroom growing in my yard that I have never seen before. After searching the internet, I was not able to fine a match or identify it. My concerns are if it is poisonous and / or an invasive species. I would appreciate if someone contact me so I could forward a photo.
Thank You


Mushrooms consume organic matter, sometimes found below the soil surface (where it is not visible – think Fairy Rings, mushrooms growing on a decaying tree stump). Suddenly, you may see a flush of growth right out of the blue, and their arrival seems mysterious. Conditions have become right for their growth. Typically, as quickly as they appear, they are gone. Just like insects in and on the soil, they have a beneficial job to do for you, getting rid of waste. There are so many mushrooms out in the wild, even mushroom “experts” have to be very careful about identification, there are many factors involved in ID beyond the obvious such as odour, spore colour, season and site of growth. I can’t see a benefit to removing them, you’d have to get rid of what was feeding them in any case. If you have just applied mushroom compost, that could certainly be one source of growth. If you are concerned about puppies and small children, supervise them carefully while outside, and if there are only a few mushrooms, you can easily break them up on the ground.

Here is a Canadian government publication on mushrooms: