dutch windflowers


I’m a novice at planting bulbs. I bought many varieties to experiment with. I have 2 boxes of 20 dutch windflower bulbs that I haven’t opened or planted yet and I just read that they are hardy in zones 7-10. That’s not us. So is this true that they won’t survive the winter if I plant them now? Should I take them back or alternatively plant them in early spring and expect only one season from them? Why would the nursery be selling these amongst all the other usual bulbs if they’re not hardy here?


There are a couple of different species of windflower bulbs (e.g. Anemone sylvestris , Anemone blanda , Anemone coronaria) Make sure that you look up the Latin name of the bulb you have not just the common name windflower. If you are certain that you have a variety that is only hardy in zones 7-10 then you are correct that you can’t plant them outside at this time of year. They would need to be treated similarly to other non-hardy bulbs/tubers like begonias or dahlia. They are stored in a cool, dark location until the spring when they are potted up and set into a sunny window until all danger of frost is gone when they can be introduced into the garden.