Dying Baby Tears Plant


Hi, is these any saving a soggy water logged baby tears plant? The pot that it came in did not have proper drainage


Thank you for your question.

It is unfortunate to hear that your ‘Baby’s Tears’ plant is not doing well. Without a picture, it is hard to see how much, if any damage your plant has suffered.

A few things to consider which should help your plant.

Over watering is a common mistake with houseplants. Avoid watering it until the soil only feels moist but not soggy. Ideally your pot should have good drainage holes in the bottom and sit in a saucer to catch any excess water draining through the soil. If the pot it is in does not have any drainage holes, you might want to consider repotting it using a good quality potting mix.

Snip off any leaves that turn brown.

Baby’s Tears generally do well in an exposure that provides moderate daylight with medium to high humidity and good air circulation.  If your home has an area that can provide this exposure, try moving it to this area.

Dwarf baby’s tear care requires checking your soil moisture regularly. Besides keeping the soil adequately moist, (but not soaked) you have to ensure there is sufficient air circulation and the container is well-draining.

Provide your plant with a liquid house plant fertilizer that is diluted by about one-half every 2 weeks during the spring and summer.

We hope these suggestions help.

Read more at Gardening Know How: Baby’s Tear Care – How To Grow A Baby’s Tear Houseplant https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/houseplants/babys-tear/babys-tear-houseplant.htm

If your plant can’t be saved you might like to have a look at this Houseplant Journal website which can provide you with lots of tips on success with houseplants.


May 6, 2021