Dying Boxwoods


Hello ,

I came across your website , my boxwoods have really looked unhealthy this year & getting worst . I have been here 10 years and they have never been this bad .
Is there something I can do ? I been adding shrub food for about a month now but it looks diseased can I cut them down in the fall ? OR is it hopeless ?

We live in King city just north of Toronto , the shrubs are in partial sun , we have sprinklers so it receives sufficent water , in top soil / clay . I noticed that on top of the shurb it looks like a light web , Not sure if it’s insects ? Root rot ?
Fungi ?




Thank you for your timely question – the Toronto Master Gardeners published a Box Tree Moth Gardening Guide very recently that will likely answer your question. You mentioned that your boxwood shrubs are looking unhealthy and you see webbing. Without a photo it’s impossible to tell for certain but it’s quite likely that your boxwoods are affected by the Box Tree Moth (Cydalima perspectalis). This guide covers identification, treatment, removal of affected shrubs, other potential pests to consider, and alternatives to think about planting instead of boxwood shrubs.

In addition, this article –  Box tree moth: A new plant pest in Etobicoke – describes the larval and adult stages of this insect, with photos, and will help you with accurate identification. Under the headings: “Management” and “What you can do”, you will find measures to manage this pest. Consistency is important and the article sets out dates and steps to take in caring for your boxwoods.

Best of luck.

Aug.20, 2022