Eastern white cedars browning


Hello, last fall I planted an eastern white cedar hedge. All of the trees were approx 6 ft tall, they were planted at the edge of a forest. In the last month or so sections have started to brown. Even the trees that had grown a few inches since playing have started to brown. The leaves are brown but still soft for the most part. They have had plenty of water and do get quite a bit of sun. I’m wondering if the roots have died out or if they are infected.


I expect that what you are seeing this spring is the result of the terrible winter we endured in 2013/14. Many, many evergreens are browning (both needle evergreens such as your cedars and broadleaf evergreens such as boxwoods), especially those with southern exposure. Click here to view the answer we provided an earlier inquirer. With some TLC, your hedge may well recover.