I have a flowering echevaria which has a diamond-like appearance. I wonder what is this structure?


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

The structure in question in your photo is the inflorescence (flowering stalk) of your Echeveria plant. The flowers of Echeveria are produced on a tall arching stalk, the flowers are generally a bell or urn shape. The flowers are  usually pink with thin, narrow, aster-like petals. One stalk may have several blooms that open, one after the other, starting at the end closest to the plant. It may take several weeks for all the blooms to have finished blooming.

Once the flowers are done, if you don’t want to save seeds from your succulent, you can cut the stalk off carefully at the base. The plant will flower again next year, around the same time.

You may find the following information on Echeveria of interest.