Eggplant leaves


What is wrong with my tomato leaves? What might have eaten the leaves? Please see the attached photo? What should I do ?


Thank-you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your question.

Several insect pests and diseases can inflict damage on eggplants. It is difficult to determine what is causing the problem with your plants from the photo. The leaves seem to be curled back on themselves. On its own, this could indicate an environmental or disease issue. The white spots, however, are more likely caused by an insect. These may be bumps or weakened areas that could turn into holes. A number of insects suck on the leaves and cause spots and holes of this sort. There also seems to be damage at the top of the leaf. It looks like it has been chewed. This kind of damage is also typical of a potato beetle or hornworm. The following links show the typical type of leaf damage caused by various pests as well as the pests themselves:

The key to resolving the problem is determining the culprit.  If you have not seen any pests on the leaves (including the undersides), they may be night feeders. You will need to take a flashlight out to examine the situation in the evening or very early morning. Make sure to look at the surrounding soil as well in case the insects have retreated there.

I hope you are able to identify the feeder. Once you have determined that, feel free to post another query as to treatment. If you can get a photo of the insect, please add it to your post as well.

Good luck tracking down the culprit!